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Sport Business Connected

Connecting Women Working Within The Business Of Sport

Creating routes for women

Our goal is to help create routes through which women working within the industry can share their experiences, support each other, recognise their worth and enjoy and embrace the exciting challenges and opportunities which the industry presents.

Sports Business Connected

Events & Conferences

Lunches - Summer / Winter

Small, intimate and informal get-togethers at which women within the industry can come together to openly discuss their experiences in a relaxed and exclusive environment.


A celebration of the achievements, successes, highs and lows that make working in this industry so special and unique.

Women In Sport Business Speaker Series

Invite only events at a leading location such as London and Manchester, and now digital as well, attended by a diverse group of female sports leaders and emerging talent from a wide range of over 100 sports companies.

The events balance a keynote speaker with panel discussion and practical, interactive exercises to focus on current issues facing women in the industry.

Women’s Sports Business Speaker Webinar Series

An online platform for female panellists from different backgrounds, experience levels and job titles. Engaging, interactive, fun and interesting, these women will share their experience and knowledge with the network via a number of webinars and events.

Webinar announcement

Celebrating women in sports business


All the stuff you needed to hear and were sometimes reluctant to ask​

Q&A with FLYHAWK founder, Steph Essex

We talk to former Super League netballer and entrepreneur, Steph Essex, about launching a business mid-pandemic, experiencing imposter syndrome, being bold and proactive and always remembering to champion yourself.

Q&A with Niamh Tallon – Founder of Her Sport

Entrepreneur and The founder of Her Sport, Niamh Tallon, tells us why it’s important to put yourself out there, surround yourself with the right team, not be afraid to ask questions, and why we should always remember to look at the bigger picture.

Q&A with Jane Clemetson

A versatile, business focused lawyer with extensive experience in media, IP, technology and data protection, at General Counsel level, Jane Clemetson is, as her profile states, not afraid of telling it like it is.

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chris book

Dear Chris

Dedicated to answering those questions that you’ve been wanting to ask but have either been too tired, too embarrassed too nervous or just forgotten to ask.


Pitch: Women’s Sport Executive, London

Pitch International is recruitng for a coordinator to provide full administrative support to the Director of of Women's Sport on a range of new business projects across a wide-range of sports,