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Dear Chris

This section of the website is dedicated to answering those questions that you’ve been wanting to ask but have either been too tired, too embarrassed too nervous or just forgotten to ask. You will remain anonymous (unless you ask to be named) and know that no matter how ridiculous the question may seem; you can be reassured that there is another woman out there wondering about the same thing.

Whether it is identity crisis, confidence, post pregnancy body worries, diet, fitness, relationships, or covid concerns, Chris will try to answer each question with sensitivity, research and experience and a sense of humour.

Chris’s background is in education, coaching and wellbeing. He’s been a teacher for 15 years, coaching in elite women’s performance sport, an athlete himself. He is a husband to an elite athlete and, more recently, a father. He also become an author when his first book, When life happens and how to deal with it, was published in 2021. 

He is also the husband to one of my best friends and former team mate, my former Premiership rugby coach, confident during tough times and one of the nicest guys I have met. 

Chris will…

Acknowledge the question and the person.
Recognise and empathise.
Reconnect to what’s important.
Options and questions
Work with what they have



Please send all questions to