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Improving Performance and Happiness in the Workplace

By Els Kolster, in collaboration with magazine and PwC.

According to the 2019 CIPD survey, 83% of people in the UK still work when feeling unwell, and 53% of long-term absence is stress related (either through workload, management style or relationships). The way we manage our time at work, how we deal with our workload, how we communicate and collaborate has an impact on our productivity, mental health and wellbeing.

Our philosophy is that physical activity has more to offer than just individual health and wellbeing benefits. The importance of being active is not only having a healthier lifestyle, but it encourages people to achieve, collaborate and contribute better at work and beyond. It is a tool that develops skills and qualities that are valuable for both personal and professional progression.

Sports participation develops skills and attitudes which improve the ability to respond to challenges in the workplace, building the confidence to seek new opportunities, and finding ways to collaborate, in addition to building resilience and perseverance – necessary tools employees need to navigate their way through increasingly competitive and stressful environments. A moving body can change your mind and your outcome.

A corporate athlete (ex-Googler) and Boxing coach, I ,along with Lesley Sackey, former female GB Boxing champion and Gold medallist, created a movement and employee program called: #IAMACHAMPION.  

Through our experience in the Boxing ring and in the corporate world, we provide a different perspective on personal development and team building – a range of skills and attributes which are transferable beyond the field of Boxing.

Our program is designed to help anyone to think, feel and perform like a champion by using the tools of boxing, the breath and champion’s mindset. Champions are not born, they are made, and everyone is capable of feeling like one, and being part of a team of champions.

Our program consists of 6 interactive workshops specifically designed to engage, empower and develop personal skills and performance, focusing on the following aspects: Confidence, Presence, Resilience, Performance, Leadership and Building a Network of Champions.

Through these workshops, we aim to change employee behaviour patterns and mindset, engaging them to think like champions, developing  the ability to cope with stress-related activities by focusing on their strengths. We also concentrate on how to build resilience, and how to perform by understanding how to commit to and achieve goals.

Research has proved that by using sport as a tool, and the mindset of an athlete/ champion for health and wellbeing, the sickness absence from work goes down by  31%. Employee morale and engagement improves by 44%, and employees become 28% more productive.

We have helped transform individual employees, line managers and leaders of some of the top organisations to be more collaborative, healthier, happier and more productive, creating more diverse and inclusive teams that understand each other’s strengths, values and purpose, thus creating a culture where champions motivate each other.

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