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No one’s thinking about you!

A big welcome to the legend that is Kate Alder. Kate has worked in recruitment for 5 years, alongside captaining Wasps FC ladies in the Allianz Premier 15s. She’s experienced huge crossovers in her life as a recruiter, a captain, and a rugby player and is passionate about sharing her experience (and any possible tips!) with others in the business and sporting worlds.

“No one’s thinking about you!”
“No one’s thinking about you” is arguably the best piece of career advice I have ever been given. Now it may sound a bit brash (or brutal even!), but hear me out as to why this piece of advice changed the way I approached my recruitment career, and gave me the confidence to ask for what I really wanted!

When you read the statement “no one’s thinking about you” you may assume that I had a horrible boss. Someone who didn’t value me, respect me, or indeed think about what I needed. But that wasn’t the case. Having worked in recruitment for 5 years, I had a fabulous boss! She was forward thinking, compassionate and had worked in a male dominated recruitment environment for 10 years.

So why would this be the piece of advice she wanted to share with me?

After a fantastic 6 months for me in terms of billing, and overachieving on target, I finally plucked up the courage (after about 13 dress rehearsals with my boyfriend) to ask for a pay rise. I’d never asked for one before; I had already convinced myself it was a “no” and that I was going to burn bridges with my boss for even asking. That’s when 3 things happened:

  1. The pay-rise was granted.
  2. My boss told me the 2 guys I worked alongside, who hadn’t billed as much money as me, had asked for the pay rise 3 months earlier.
  3. She imparted her words of wisdom: “Kate, no one’s thinking about you.”

What she meant by this piece of advice was that my big bosses (the people holding the purse strings) weren’t thinking about my savings pot, or my dream holiday, or my desire to treat my Mum to sunrise yoga at the top of the Shard (worth it!). Not because they are horrible people, but because they are focused on their OWN dreams. Their kids’ futures, their house, their savings. So when it comes to your career, and asking for what you want, the only person who is flying the flag for you, is you.

Only last week a candidate of mine came back to me 2 years after securing her job, to say she hadn’t received a pay rise, and was it okay to ask for one?

My answer? 100% YES! Yes a million times over! If you want more money, more flexibility, a promotion, a bonus – the only person who has the vested interest to make that happen for you, is you.

Allow other people to work on creating their dreams, but know that it’s you that has to work on yours. Be brave, know your worth, and fly that flag for YOU!

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