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The Power of Together

On last month’s SB Connected “the year that has been” panel, CAPE’s Founder, Louise Garlick, spoke about the struggles that came with running a sports events business during a pandemic and the joy of supporting others in their careers.

By Louise Garlick

It was slightly daunting taking on new people during the pandemic, with the state of live events being so unknown, but I founded CAPE based on the strength of relationships largely made through sports, and was inclined to trust my instincts.

Bringing Ella Clarke on board in a freelance capacity gave a welcome second voice from the industry as we worked together on launching CAPE sales for the Rugby League World Cup 2021. Her hard work and determination culminated in the launch of our own webinar series Hospitality Uncovered, which I was so pleased to get off the ground.

Ella landed a full-time role which we couldn’t match at the time, but through a difficult period for the sports and events industry, her enthusiasm and tenacity were a real joy and source of inspiration.

Read Ella Clarke’s article here

Now to keep the momentum going – and get the third instalment in the diary and encourage some sales for the event itself.

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